What an incredible story. More people need to hear this story. I’m so happy that I was able to attend an event to see this. Great job Maya and all who helped produce this.

-Andrew Corsi, President, DFW Spartans

I was there for some of this and knew the players but did not realize how historic the team was. Players delivered excellent performance as if it was simply expected. 4 of the first 8 draft picks came from the team described in this film - no other school ever came close to this. This was a significant force towards the fuller integration of college football. A wonderful film that captures this and more, including how a daughter only really discovered her father by making a documentary.

-Elmer Saunders

This was a fabulous and educational documentary! It really brought home the racial issues of the 1960s. The movie brings the history to life. Also, it made me proud to be a Spartan!

-Tammy Lee

I can't say enough good things about this movie! Excellent story, documentation, interviews. This is history that many, including Spartans, don't know. This is a story that needed to be told and it needs to be see and heard by everyone- black, white, brown, young, old and in between. Thank you for all of your hard work in completing this!

-Samara Garth

This film is powerful, heartfelt, inspiring, and challenging! Maya Washington, your film should be seen by all, especially young people. It is a great example of how not being afraid to sacrifice, can lead to incredible accomplishments! Go Green!

-Eddie Stephens, Jr., West Michigan Spartans

A must watch for all sports fans. Such a great educational film. Maya Washington did an excellent job telling the stories of her dad Gene and the MSU 1964 to 1967 football team, Bubba Smith, Clint Jones, Jimmy Raye, just to name a few. I could not believe how incredibly humble these guys are, they paved the way for so many of us. Gene, Clint and Jimmy’s families were so nice and welcoming. Thank you all for making it a memorable weekend at MSU. Please watch this documentary you will be moved.

-Paston Coke

A well-done documentary about how foreword thinking Michigan State University was in terms of its race-relations/integration, and the lives of those brave men who blazed the trail from MSU into the NFL.

-Brad Baker